June Music Favorites


While there wasn’t a lot of music that came out in June, I got into a lot of music throughout the month.

635580610434114758-d2-20140124-news-401240801-85For starters, I saw Tom Petty at the very beginning of the month. I was pretty stoked to be seeing a great rockstar and someone that I’ve grown up listening to. It was pretty cool to see a lot of his hits live, like “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”, “You Got Lucky”, “American Girl”, and of course “Free Fallin”. After seeing him live, I really kept coming back to some of his songs and found a lot of them were stuck in my head. “Yer So Bad” was something that was constantly in my head. If anything though, “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” was the one that really resonated with me. I listen to that song all the time now, and I’m so glad that I saw it live.

I discovered some more music through none other than the best festival to exist: Vans Warped Tour. I discovered a lot of my current favorite bands from previous Warped tours, and this one was no different. Last year the line up was seriously so stacked that I’m surprised I got to see everyone I wanted to see. This year, I wasn’t as stoked because there weren’t as many bands that I knew going. I think it was only a bummer because of how great Warped ’16 was — because this years’ lineup is pretty fucking awesome. There were a lot of bands that I had heard of, just never really listened to.

neck-deep-16-06-2017-05First off, I wanna talk about Neck Deep. I got into them in 2014 because they were on Warped, and they’re seriously one of the top bands in the pop punk genre right now. I was super excited to see them because I haven’t seen them since Warped ’15, plus the fact they released two new songs and have an album coming out later in July. Their new songs, “Where Do We Go When We Go” and “Happy Judgment Day” are some killer tracks that have me SO hyped for their new album, “The Peace and The Panic”. Plus, they’re fucking amazing live. Their crowd is always chaotic in the best way possible.

007ebb15b081850f38adbbe5dda32404I was sooooooooo excited to see that Our Last Night was on this years lineup because they’re fucking amazing as well. Their last record “Younger Dreams” has lived in my car’s CD player for literally the last 2 years. They just released an EP called “Selective Hearing”, which has also made its way into my CD player. So naturally, I had to see them live.

Neck Deep and Our Last Night were the only two bands that I was absolutely in love with prior to the lineup being released, aka why I was bummed (Warped ’16 had at least 7 bands that I was in love with). Thus, it was time to get into some new bands, which turned out great for me.

trophyeyes1The first “new” (new to me) band that I got into was Trophy Eyes. HOW DID I NOT LISTEN TO THIS BAND BEFORE? I had their album “Chemical Miracle” saved on my Spotify but I never listened to it. WHY THE FUCK NOT, PAST JEN? THEY’RE SO FUCKING GOOD. “Nose Bleed”, “Breathe You In”, “Counting Sheep”, and “Chlorine” were so fun to see live. Oh wait, that’s literally more than half of the set list. Oops. Those songs have literally been on repeat all month long, and I plan on seeing them again when I go to Warped later this month.

ddry72duqaal1uyNext up is a band called Movements. I had heard “Nineteen” and was obsessed with that a while back, but I guess I was never in the mood to check out the rest of their stuff. Their stuff is definitely not the most uplifting (okay, it’s super depressing) but HOLY FUCK IT’S SO GOOD. You can hear so much emotion in their spoken word songs that I was literally brought to tears when I started listening to them. Lead singer Pat Miranda really reels you in with his voice and makes you feel what he feels, even if you don’t have a personal connection with whatever issue he’s singing about. I’m literally blown away by this band. It’s pretty emo, but I’m here for it.

microwave10Microwave is one of those bands that I had always heard of, but I never really dove into their discography. I dipped my toes in, listening to songs like “Lighterless”, “Stovall”, and “Vomit” (which were all played at Warped) but I’m glad that I jumped off the high dive straight into their music. Why have I been sleeping on this band???? I literally don’t know. Don’t judge me. They’re so good.

I Prevail is a pretty popular band that I was never really into. I get in these weird “music ruts” and then I just stop caring about bands that aren’t in my circle. I Prevail was on the outskirts of this circle, but after seeing them first thing the day of Warped, I can say that they’re making their way into the circle. I’ve really been digging their hard sound with a more pop-ish chorus. They remind me a lot of Issues, which is a heavy band with a very melodic singer. “Stuck In Your Head” is literally stuck in my head all the time that it’s not even funny or ironic anymore.


Okay, I think that’s it for this month. Those are literally the only artists I’ve been listening to and I ain’t even mad.

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