30 Day Song Challenge

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 14

Day 14: A song you’d love to be played at your wedding

Song I chose: “Jenny’s Song” by We The Kings

Ugh, this song makes me melt like cheese. First off, to state the obvious, my name is Jen. I used to go by Jenny when I was younger, but I eventually grew out of it. “Jenny” was the more open, more vulnerable version of myself, which is why it seems appropriate that this would be played at my wedding.

Second of all, this song is literally about a wedding. Lead singer Travis Clark actually wrote this song for his wife, Jenny, to play on their wedding day. The steady acoustic guitar in the back create an intimate vibe, and the lyrics talk about how everything he does is for this girl. He even says that she’s his “last dance,” so if you weren’t convinced by now that this is about his wedding, then there you go.

But forreal, this song will be played at my wedding, whether that be an actual ceremony or at the courthouse (but preferably not the latter).

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