Knuckle Puck to release “Double Helix” Wednesday, 9/13/17

In the constant whirlwind of new pop punk music coming out, I can’t help but notice: where have Knuckle Puck been?


Not to worry, though. It’s not new information that they’re releasing their new album “Shapeshifter” next month. I’ve been blasting “Gone” since they dropped that single. Well hey, good news! On Wednesday, we’re getting another new KP single.

Knuckle Puck released two short previews on Twitter, and I can already tell that the new single “Double Helix” is going to be fucking amazing. The first clip released shows what is most likely the tension-building intro. Of course, the video stops right before actually jumping into the song. Tease. ๐Ÿ˜’

The second preview, the preview of the chorus, has been stuck in my head ALL. FREAKING. DAY. I shit you not. I can already tell it’s about to be catchy as hell.

Their sophomore full length comes out just a little over two years since their successful LP Copacetic.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen these guys live now three or four times now, and they still blow me away every time. Also, not to mention, the guys are humble as hell. I got to meet guitarist Kevin Maida outside Gabe’s in Iowa City, and he was a really chill guy. I also met Joe Taylor that night, and he was rad too. I met the whole band at Warped Tour 2016, and they all mentioned that they love Gabe’s. What great souls they are.

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