Movements release “Colorblind” and two other tracks


When I saw them this year at Warped Tour, they had a tentative album release date as “sometime this fall.” Damn, these guys don’t disappoint. Also, can I just say how much I appreciate the fact that they announced this album less than a month before it’s going to be released? Not to be an impatient fan but like… that’s less waiting that I have to do, and less is more, okay people?!

The first single released is “Colorblind,” a love song that really hits on everything that Movements is — there’s the alt rock instruments in the back, an exceptional mix of lead singer Patrick Miranda’s soft and harder vocals, and angst in the lyrics. Patrick Miranda’s (who is actually colorblind, btw) vocals seem to have matured a little bit, without taking away that grit that drives their songs that have more of a yell in them.
Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 12.04.39 PM

Two other tracks were released when you preorder their album, set to come out October 20th. Of course, I had to pick this up. I picked up the hot pink/baby pink vinyl because I’m such a sucker for pink vinyls. With that, I got an exclusive download for two other songs, “Daylily” and “Deadly Dull.”



“Daylily” has a soft opening, with Patrick’s vocals reminding me of “Losing Fight” off of their EP Outgrown Things. It has more of a mellow feel in the absolute best way possible.

“Deadly Dull” sounds like a continuation of Outgrown Things and I am not complaining. Movements debuted this song at Warped Tour this year, and I kid you not, I was on the verge of sobbing in the middle of the crowd on this hot ass day in July. “Deadly Dull” is about a man who has Alzheimer’s disease, and doesn’t recognize his family. It’s told from the perspective of the writer, who I assume is a grandchild of this man. I personally haven’t lost anyone from Alzheimer’s, but this song punches through your chest and rips your heart out with just the lyrics alone. “What’s it like to be erased / every time you fall asleep / waking up as a clean slate / without a sense of reality.” I mean, FUCK.

I’m so eager for this album to drop, so definitely check back for that album review!!

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