Album Review

Album Review: “Proper Dose” by The Story So Far

It’s been about three years since we’ve heard from pop-punkers The Story So Far, and they’re finally back with their fourth studio album, “Proper Dose.” The band known for their more angry vocals from lead singer Parker Cannon are toning it down without taking away completely what makes them a staple in the pop punk world.

story_so_far“Proper Dose” proves itself worthy of being up to par with their previous albums by polishing up their sound without making it seem too over-produced. We still hear the vicious guitars, pounding drums, and angry yells from Cannon. Everything about this album seems to be very deliberate; everything has a place in this album.

The album showcases some influences of contemporary grunge rock, something that is coming back into the mainstream for alternative music. The framework for this album is simple: fast, catchy pop punk songs with some slower ballads thrown in there. While TSSF are more known for their mosh-pit-worthy songs, their ballads are able to hold their own. Fans go crazy over them.

The lyrical content has improved as well on this album. Hmm, improved doesn’t seem to be the right word, but more like matured. Nearly every TSSF album in previous years has been Cannon yelling about and bashing his ex-girlfriends, which fueled those angry anthems, but in this album the lyrics have stepped beyond that and have moved on. I love how their music is showing the progression in their lives, which makes me happy for the band getting over hard times in their lives.

While this album is farther removed from their staple sound, it is better than going in the direction of stale pop punk, which Cannon himself said in an interview with Kerrang that he doesn’t want to be pigeonholed as “Mr. Pop-Punk.”

This album is a fresh breath of air from The Story So Far, and I think that fans will really enjoy this album if they take it for what it is and not dwell too much on the past albums from the band.

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