The best music related “Don’t Say It” memes from this week

Another week, another meme. You know the drill.

This week, the newest meme is cringe-worthy things that we say after telling ourselves, multiple times, to not say the thing. I’m guilty of this.

And music Twitter did not disappoint. Here are some of my favorites.

Movements are notorious for not playing one of their most famous songs, “Protection.” The band even just took the song off of Spotify, saddening a lot of their fans (myself included).

The opening line to their hit song “Unspoken” has clearly resonated with us as fans to be shouting it at any given moment.

Hey, most bands have that special something they say at the end of their show. Shoutout to Brendan of Counterparts.

Fans love hearing their favorites from their bands live. Sorry not sorry.

Honestly, this Blink-182 song will never get old. It’s been two decades. It’s timeless now.

You know you’re a pop punk kid when you hear someone cough and your first instinct is to blurt out All Time Low lyrics.


So there you have it! Those are my favorite ones that I’ve been seeing circulating Twitter these last couple of days.

Find some more? Tweet them to me @mostlymusicblog and I’ll keep retweeting my favorites!

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