Movement’s lead singer facing heat after tweet

Happy 2019 everybody! You know what that means: new year, something new to get offended about!

Yes, it is not even ten days into the new year and Woke Twitter™️ has already found something to get pissed off about.

Twitter user Monica Misiak posted two screenshots side by side — a tweet by Movement’s lead singer Patrick Miranda dated back to fall of 2018, and a screenshot of the recently announced headlining tour that Movements will be embarking on this spring.

Misiak is pointing out that despite Miranda’s tweet from early October looking for smaller bands with female members, the tour has no bands that have any female members at all. I see her point — I really do. My issue lies in the words that weren’t said.

The tweet then blew up and left many people, myself included, feeling uneasy. It seems as if Misiak is insinuating that Miranda is purposefully excluding bands with females in them. Many artists and fans came to Miranda’s defense.

The tweet has caused much controversy in the pop punk Twittersphere, and has fans riled up and ready to throw down.

So what’s my take on this? I think that it isn’t that deep. Pat Miranda himself most likely didn’t book this tour — his manager or tour manager would be the one to do that. Not to mention, it is to my knowledge that it would take a lot longer than 4 months to plan a tour of this size — perhaps Miranda tweeted that in hopes of finding bands with more females for whatever tours will come after this tour? Maybe female bands turned them down? Already had tours booked? Other schedule conflicts? Or, what if after this tour, Movements have a kick-ass tour planned with amazing bands with female members?!

As for Misiak’s tweet, I don’t think she meant to cause harm towards Miranda, but the lack of context didn’t help the situation. It left it open to interpretation which is what caused all of this drama. I definitely think she’s right about having more female representation in the industry, especially in the pop punk genre, but just because there isn’t a band with females in it doesn’t mean that they are purposefully being excluded. Bands to be brought on tour should be chosen by talent, not by race, sex, gender, or anything else. Bands shouldn’t be brought on tour because “if we don’t include a band from ____ minority, then people will be offended.”

Can 2019 please be the year that people stop creating issues about things that aren’t that deep?



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